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Align Your Marketing Objectives With Your SEO Campaign

Indeed, demand for SEO services in the Philippines has increased in the previous year, a trend that is projected to continue as the year progresses.

While SEO is a vital component of any digital strategy, businesses must have extremely precise marketing objectives in order to maximize SEO’s efficacy. You have a clear understanding of your company’s particular wants and aims when you share your marketing goals with your SEO agency. As a consequence, you and your SEO provider may be able to work together to achieve your company objectives.

Clear and basic marketing goals must be developed in order to construct an efficient SEO strategy. SMART measures, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timelined, must be used by businesses. This method has shown to be effective for businesses all around the world, and it is also highly recommended for enterprises in the Philippines.

In this part, we’ll go through the various components of SMART.


There is no such thing as being too detailed when it comes to your goals. Because you are the business owner, all marketing efforts should be focused on what you want to happen with your company and the results you want from your SEO service.

Following the 5 W’s of goal-setting is a simple way to do this. The 5 W’s are a set of plain questions about your goals:

  • What do you want to achieve with SEO?

Don’t say anything about “I want to drive leads to my website.” “I want to drive x amount of leads by the end of x month,” you say.

  • What is your target market’s demographic?

Use the term “everyone” sparingly. “I’d want to target people in this age group who are looking for x services in this location,” you say.

  • Where will you focus your internet SEO efforts?

Use the term “everywhere” sparingly. “I want to execute my SEO strategies using these specific social media networks,” you say.

  • Which services or products do you want to focus on?

Don’t say “all of our items.” You can say, “I want our SEO effort to be centered on x product or service.”

  • What drives you to start an SEO campaign?

Don’t say “just because.” “When people search for x keywords,” you explain, “I want to be able to expand our business to more consumers and raise awareness of our products and services.”

Once you’ve answered the 5 Ws, it will be much easier for you and your SEO provider to create very specific targets.


Despite the fact that there are various KPIs to monitor, the following two should receive the most attention:

  • SEO Key Performance Indicators:Improved page and keyword rankings, trust, and citation flow, as well as increased organic traffic and conversions
  • Marketing KPIs include:The number of leads produced Return on marketing investment, sales income, and lead-to-customer ratio are all key considerations.

These will enable you and your SEO provider to track and visualize the progress of your campaign, as well as give you vital data for future development. When you create clear goals, measuring the KPI of your campaign becomes simple.


Setting lofty and aspirational goals is natural for any business. Goals that are achievable, on the other hand, are more useful than lofty but unattainable aspirations. You may use the SMART technique to ask important questions about achievability, such as: – Will I be able to hit the keywords I’m going for?

Will I be able to compete with the other industry leaders on the first page of search results?

Do I have enough money to meet my goals?

Understanding the viability of your marketing objectives enables you to modify and assign the appropriate resources to your SEO strategy.


Goals can be attained, but they must also be realistic. When analyzing the feasibility of a goal, compare it to your company’s short-term objectives vs long-term ambitions. This allows you to examine the overall picture of your SEO strategy and prioritize the most critical goals first.


SEO does not take place overnight.

Long-term SEO initiatives are the most beneficial for businesses. To guarantee that your objectives are met, it is essential to adapt your SEO campaign’s aims in terms of months rather than hours or days. Setting a timescale with defined KPIs may assist you in managing the expectations of your SEO service.

Being SMART with your marketing goals can assist you and your SEO provider to better align, allowing them to design a strategy that is quantifiable, practical, and timely deliverable.

By following these rules, businesses may conduct timely and successful SEO campaigns that provide them a competitive advantage. When combined with a skilled SEO solutions provider who offers top-notch SEO training to its staff, your company may reap the benefits of being digital.

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